4 Reason to Skip Black Friday

Nov 15, 2016 by

Black Friday is just around the corner.  Are you one of those shoppers getting ready to hit the stores at midnight? If you are, maybe this article will convince you that you are wasting your time.  Here’s a list of 4 reasons why you are better off staying at home and enjoying your turkey.     Unspectacular Deals Although Black Friday gets all the hype, the deals are truly not that great.  Many of the companies offering deals, offer the same discounts at other times during the year.  Instead of fighting the crowds, you can get the same deals by looking for sales at other times of the year.  Additionally, according to a CNN money article, 93% of stores are offering year-old products as a part of their “sales”.  In my opinion, I would...

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5 Tips to Successful Investing

Nov 10, 2016 by

Investing can be a complicated. Here are easy 5 tips to keep in mind when you are managing your investments. Start Early Perhaps the most important factor in investing is time. If you look at the recorded history of the stock market, you will see that the market increases approximately 7 to 10% each year. Each year you are not in the stock market, you are costing yourself potentially thousands of dollars! Let’s consider the example of 2 investors, Jasmine and Camille, who invest for 20 years.  If Jasmine saves $100 a month for 20 years, she will have approximately $52,000.  If Camille, on the other hand, gets a late start at investing (say 10 years) but wants to save as much as Jasmine, she will have to save an additional $200 each month...

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Finance 101: Liquidity

Nov 7, 2016 by

What is Liquidity? Liquidity is the ability to easily access the assets that make up your net worth.  If you are able to easily convert an asset into cash, it is considered to be liquid.  If you are not able to easily convert it to cash, it is not liquid.   What are examples of liquid assets? Saving / Checking Accounts With the exception of any monthly limitations, you can always withdraw money from a savings or checking account when in need.   Taxable Investment Accounts Taxable investment accounts are considered liquid as you can simply sell your investments whenever you need access to your funds.   What are examples of non-liquid assets? Your House Your home is considered a non-liquid asset because it cannot be easily converted into cash.  Although you can sell it...

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5 Quick Home Buying Tips

Nov 4, 2016 by

Are you ready to buy a home?   Buying a home is a tremendous life milestone. We all have our own vision of our dream house and neighborhood, but before we can make it a reality we need to make sure we are ready. Although buying a house is something to be excited about, you want to ensure you are buying a house for the correct reasons.  An article I recently read discusses a number of personal checks you go through when you decide its time to purchase a house. The article I read was written by Emmie Martin, a finance writer, and posted on Business Insider. In her article, Martin discusses 11 signs that you are not ready to purchase a home.  Of these, I believe 5 are especially critical. Poor Credit If you...

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