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Hello, welcome to Piggy Bank Hank! Thanks for stopping by.

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Who are we? Piggy Bank Hank is a blog about personal finance. The topics on this blog will touch on a wide range of subjects.  If you don’t see something you’re looking for, send a message! The blog is to help you, so your feedback is always encouraged and helps drive the success of the community.  Some examples of the topics this blog will cover are:

  • Personal Finance
  • Investing
  • Budgeting
  • Tackling Debt
  • Life Hacks
  • Living More with Less


Who am I? I started this blog in 2016 to share my passion about personal finance.   I love reading, writing, and talking about it.  When I’m not geeking out about personal finance, I spend my time at my job as an engineer.  And yes, I am a millennial.

What inspired me to start the blog was hearing finance stories of my friends.  Many had little knowledge of the basics of personal finance, and I couldn’t believe it!  It’s no fault of their own. They had just never been taught.  What amazed me the most is that their situation is not unique.  I am by no means perfect, but will share my passion and we can  conquer it all together. In my opinion, just by learning the basics you can put yourself heads and shoulders above your peers.  This blog serves as my project to help fill that void.

As a personal finance nerd, I want Piggy Bank Hank to give you the tools for success.  So join the club, and join us on our way to financial freedom!