4 Reason to Skip Black Friday

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4 Reason to Skip Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner.  Are you one of those shoppers getting ready to hit the stores at midnight? If you are, maybe this article will convince you that you are wasting your time.  Here’s a list of 4 reasons why you are better off staying at home and enjoying your turkey.



Unspectacular Deals

Although Black Friday gets all the hype, the deals are truly not that great.  Many of the companies offering deals, offer the same discounts at other times during the year.  Instead of fighting the crowds, you can get the same deals by looking for sales at other times of the year.  Additionally, according to a CNN money article, 93% of stores are offering year-old products as a part of their “sales”.  In my opinion, I would rather pay more to get a quality product instead of paying less for something that is less likely to last.



Dangerous Crowds

We’ve all seen clips of how crazy things can get during Black Friday.  Why put yourself through that?  Not only are you putting yourself at risk physically, but also financially.  Occurrences of identity theft have been known to increase around Black Friday. For those that still will not heed the advice of this article here is a website that gives tips on how to best secure your identify during shopping.



Black Friday Week?

In the past, the Friday after Thanksgiving was known to be the day to get the best sales. However, with stores trying to extend  their profits, it seems the “deals” are available from a few days before Thanksgiving all the up until the Monday after (Cyber Monday).  If you really want to take advantage of sales, there’s no need to go to the stores at midnight because they will be available for many days.

Online Shopping

Nearly all the deals that stores offer can also be found online.  If you truly need something, I would suggest checking online.   This gives you the piece of mind of avoiding the crowd and gives you the ability to compare from multiple sites to get the best bargains.

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