How to Get Rich Quick!

Jan 18, 2017 by

What’s the secret to getting rich quick?  Drum roll please…   You don’t : (   Getting rich slowly  is the secret to financial freedom.  The secret to reaching financial freedom is doing the little things day in and day out.  This includes spending less than you make, avoiding fees as much as possible, and saving with a plan.  These are of course only a few of the things you should do, but by doing the basic fundamentals of personal finance, you will over time achieve financial freedom. Don’t be distracted by the people or companies that tell you that getting rich quick is easy.  Anyone that tells you otherwise most likely does not have your interests in mind.  If you don’t believe me, consider the words of Warren buffet in this article.  ...

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Finance 101: Budgeting

May 2, 2016 by

Do I need a budget? What’s the big deal about budgets? Everyone talks about them, but no one seems to like them.  Although budgets may not be the sexiest thing about personal finance, they are crucial tools to help get your finances in order. If you don’t keep an eye on your money, you could find yourself in some serious financial trouble. Making and sticking to a budget may not be fun, but it is a whole lot better than trying dig out of debt. How do I make a budget? This can be challenging to figure out.  What works great for me is using a budgeting software program to track my spending. After about a month I have a general idea on how much I spend in certain categories.  I use these numbers as the starting point...

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Let’s Make a Budget

Apr 16, 2016 by

  Are you one of the many people who have decided to improve your finances this year. Where do you begin? With all the news stories, financial advisers, and friends trying giving all sorts of advice it can be overwhelming to know how to even get started. In my opinion, the first thing that you should do is create a budget. The whole reason why money exists is for us to spend, but it is no help if we can’t manage it. We’ve all heard stories of famous athletes making millions, but still having to file for bankruptcy. When it comes down to it, the balance of money coming in must be greater  than (or at least equal) to the money going out, to prevent from ending up in financial trouble. Just think about trying to pump up...

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